Bedroom with Sloping Roof: How to Set it up Cleverly

A bedroom with a sloping roof is hard to furnish? Not if you follow some rules. What these are and what makes the room a cozy retreat, we show with these interior design ideas.

New Bedroom ideas under the roof

A loft apartment has a unique gift and is with the best decor to a genuine eye-catcher. But when installing up, you ever get up on barriers: The ceiling is too deep, the opportunity too high and the bed does not fit everywhere – a room under a sloping roof often needs a rethink. But, if you understand these tips and tricks, you will get in setting up your attic bedroom.

Setting up the bedroom with a sloping roof: The right color choice

If you have a small bedroom below the roof, you should keep light colors so that the room seems and open, active and more open. Tip: It can then create a variety if you choose to color dark the wood boards in white because they then subtly move into the past. If you want not to give up your dark wooden glittered ceiling, you should combine it with light floor protection and design furniture – the bedroom would seem overloaded with heavy, dark furniture. An interesting plan is to paint only a corner or small, the restricted area in a strong color to create additional depth. Also, see that certain colors change your sleep habits.

The position of the bed in the bedroom with a sloping roof

The bed should not be in flight in the door and window, because there the current flows the fastest and you can not get to rest. Also, you would have to continually go around it for airing. The sloping roof narrows your options even further. So, if you regularly hit your head when going up, it may be a good idea to position the sleeping area in the middle of the room. If the large box spring bed but part out does not fit in the room, maybe a new bed should be. Low models are better for the bedroom under the roof angle.

Bed in the bedroom with sloping roof


Create storage space in the attic bedroom

To create storage space under a sloping roof, creative ideas are needed. In general, the usual cabinets and shelves do not fit into the drums or knee jambs. Then, on the one hand, you have the opportunity to commission tailor-made furniture from a carpenter. So you can be sure that every corner and all space under the roof pitch is used optimally. For those who prefer to lend a hand, they can, for example, make a fitting fitted wardrobe or attach clothes rails to the sloping ceilings.

Tip: Chic baskets and storage boxes are not only beautiful accessories and interchangeable, but also offer extra space. Repeat your furniture often until you have found the optimal solution for you.

The right lighting under the roof pitch

Also with the lighting, there are important points to think. So, a track system with ceiling lights is very well satisfied with modern and simple bedrooms. The good: The lighting takes no space and provides unobtrusively into the room. If you want the lighting to be a particular eye-catcher, it works best with various light sources. Indirect lighting on the bed creates an atmospheric atmosphere. Also, table or wall lights make more light into the room. From lights and other suspended lights, we recommend on – they take a lot of space on and look in a small room too powerful.

Lighting in the bedroom under the roof

Furniture and decoration in the bedroom

As with all other rooms in an attic apartment applies: Filigree and simple furniture is the alpha and omega! Think carefully about which pieces of furniture you need in your bedroom. Everything else can be sorted out or placed elsewhere. Space-saving designer pieces are not only extremely practical but also much better. Of course, you do not have to do without decorative objects and colors completely. But stay away with colorful and lush materials. Better create individual accents that can be exchanged at any time. It is also advisable to leave the floor area as free as possible – this makes the room appear visually larger.

Decoration in the bedroom with a sloping roof

More ideas and tips for setting up the loft bedroom

– space division
If you have an extra-large bedroom with sloping ceilings, a room division can make sense. For this partition walls, screens, but also an old cabinet, provided the ceiling height is sufficient. Behind it may be a dressing room.

– Droops Decor
Even if the walls in an attic are not as high as in a standard room, you do not have to do without wall decoration. You can also attach pictures to a pitched roof. If you like it a bit more playful, hang mobile or dream catcher on the roof beams.

– Heat protection in the summer
In summer, the attic is known as not the most popular room. If you still want to sleep well without air conditioning, you must keep the heat away with other methods. Dispense with all dark home accessories and banish thick carpets and blankets from the room – they also heat the room. Also indispensable are roller blinds or pleats on skylights that shade the room sufficiently.

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