Cool Teen Room Ideas – Every Girl Would Love

Cool Teen Room Ideas – A teen room for girls has styles and themes that could speak for a little girl. Some teenage girls still like a pink or purple bedroom with a large four-poster bed and plush toys. Polka dots have a modern yet cute aspect that some young people find appealing. Use decorative accents that match your girl’s idea for “cool”.

Cool Teen Room Ideas Girl Golden Dot Pattern

Heart and Flower Themes in the Cool Teen Room Ideas

Adorable teenage room ideas girl collage photos make friends yourself

Hearts and floral patterns are ideal for teenage girls’ rooms. These two symbols inspire many young people. Combine hearts and flowers or just focus on hearts. If your daughter prefers flowers, buy daisies in pink, purple, and other vibrant colors. Choose a main accent wall for the flowers and use a hot glue gun to glue the flowers all over the wall. If she likes hearts more, add accents like heart-shaped pillows.

Teenage Room with Butterflies

Agreeable teenage bedroom ideas girl paper butterflies pink wall decoration

Teen girls who like to draw butterflies on their notebook may want a cool teenage room with butterflies that stays with her during high school. You can paint the walls solidly in yellow, blue, or pink, and paint trim or in random spots throughout the teen room. You can do this topic in several different directions, depending on your style.

Alluring teenage room ideas girl lilac wall paint dressing table circles stencil wall decoration

Create a nice room with colorful patterns. Start with the teenagers’ favorite colors. Contrasting colors are also suitable for polka dot decoration. Paint colorful dots on the walls in different sizes and colors. Use color for the duvet with matching pillows patterned with polka dot. Add polka dot curtains and carpets. For a unique look, use black and white backgrounds. For example, if your dear girl prefers purple, combine a black bedspread with purple dots with white pillows decorated with purple dots.

The great outdoors in the Cool Teen Room Ideas

Amusing teenage bedroom ideas girl mint green wall paint flowers bedding

Create an outdoor scene in the teen room for a nice look. Green carpet represents grass and flowering carpets imitate a garden. Draw trees, flowers, and other outdoor landscapes on the walls. Buy garden benches or wooden garden furniture. Use floral bedding, curtains, or pillows. Paint the ceiling blue as the sky, with big yellow sun in the corner of the room. Put plants, trees, and flowers around the teen room for the finishing touch.

Matching furniture for the girls’ room

Appealing teenage room girl design ideas beanbag

The biggest role in the design of the teen room is the choice of furniture. They are supposed to be comfortable, but can also look a bit extravagant. In addition to the bed, you can also think about various seating furniture, such as a window sill, a hanging armchair or modern bean bags. Teenagers also like to sit on the floor, so you can consider a carpet. Other furnishings that should find their place in this room are a desk, a bedside table, and a wardrobe.

Color design in the youth room

Teenage girl room ideas flower pattern

When you set up the room for your girl, you should pay attention to an atmospheric color scheme. Make the room as bright as possible and combine with color accents for a great effect. Colorful colors ensure a good mood and promote creativity and imagination. Blue, pink, yellow and green is the perfect accents for white as the main color for the furnishings. As a typical pattern for girls, different flowers can spice up the atmosphere in the room.

Decoration ideas for walls and ceilings

Astonishing teenage living room girl ideas photo wall heart blanket

So that your teen feels good in your room, you can come up with an individual decoration for the walls. A motto of life with neon lamps or a photo wall with your favorite photos with friends and family is perfect for this. Another nice idea would be to decorate not only the walls but also the ceiling. You can use wall tattoos and stickers for this and make a beautiful ceiling design yourself.

Wall decoration for the girl’s room make yourself from paper

Astounding teenage bedroom girl butterflies wall decoration

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the decoration in the youth room, you can do the wall decoration yourself. Beautiful figures and motifs can be made from colored paper that would spice up any simple wall. Whether butterflies, flowers or small pompoms, everything can be imitated quickly with a suitable template. Also, DIY is a lot of fun and creates an individual and unique decoration.

Select wallpaper for the girl’s room

Teenage room girl ideas polka dots

Instead of wall decoration, you can decorate the girl’s room with a pretty pattern wallpaper. Wallpaper with pattern also serves as decoration and is available in all possible colors and patterns. When designing the girl’s bedroom, we recommend that you discuss the options with your daughter and make a decision together. So she certainly feels comfortable in her room.

Single or double bed for the girls’ room

Amazing teenage room girl ideas

Depending on the available space in the girls’ room, you can choose either a single or a double bed. Even if the girl is still small, a larger bed is recommended, which can also be used in the future. Double beds are usually the better option / if there is enough space in the room / because they are more comfortable and at the same time enhance the room as a whole.

Girls teenage room ideas

Cool teen room ideas girl

In the teenage years, many girls start paying more attention to their looks. They do their hairstyles, make up their faces and are enthusiastic about fashion. Therefore, you can set up the girl’s room for your teen with a large mirror and an elegant dressing table. The wardrobe for girls should also be as large as possible because they usually have more clothes than boys.

Youth room for girls with sloping ceilings

Teenage room girl purple ideas flowers


Children’s rooms are often on the top floor and therefore have a sloping roof, which makes interior design more difficult. If this is also the case for you, you can turn the disadvantage into an advantage by making optimal use of the available space. The areas with sloping ceilings can be set up like cozy reading corners, or designed with bespoke furniture as additional storage space.

Curtains as an accent in the youth room

Teenage room girl ideas light blue green

Curtains are an important element of the interior design of the bedroom. They also play a major role in the youth room because they set accents in the interior. Choose a suitable color and match the rest of the interior.

Teenage room girl ideas white pink accents

Teenage room girl ideas white green light blue

Fresh teen room girl ideas nature outdoors

Douglas design studio teenage room girl ideas

Little teen room girl ideas

Teenage room girl design ideas

Teenage room girls ideas flowers wall decoration

Teenage room girl ideas bright purple

Teenage room girl Fresh idea

Teenage room girl ideas red black

Teenage room girl ideas bubble hanging chair

Teenage room girl ideas black green

The latest teenage room girl idea

Teenage room girls ideas pink walls

Awesome teenage room girl ideas rhombus walls

Teen room girl ideas stylish

Amazing teenage room girl ideas nature in the room

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