101 Bathroom Pictures – Examples of Modern Bathroom Design

Examples of Modern Bathroom Design – The modern interior design style is perfect for the bathroom because there are many contemporary fixtures, finishes, furniture sets and accessories in the market that combine function and design in one.

Bathroom Pictures Mosaic Shower Built-in Washbasin Mirror

Some include the latest high-tech gadgets, others are more impressed by simple minimalism, while others create dreamlike, Zen-like spas. Take a look at our great 106 bathroom pictures and find out which style changes your type.

Bathroom pictures and inspirations

In a modern bathroom, the complete order prevails. Modern bathrooms are elegant, fresh and well tidied. The natural look of wood can likewise be found hereabouts, whether as a vanity piece or tiles in a light wood color such as cherry, oak or pine.

Think internationally and establish a bidet or a double sink. Invest in a cloud shower or swirl tank. The countertop sink, which seems to hover on the countertop, is very popular in the modern bathroom. Column washbasins have also gained in popularity, but with them, you have to do without the extra storage space in the bathroom.

Modern bathroom pictures

Modern bathrooms are often characterized by glossy surfaces and materials such as glass and stainless steel. Designer fittings have simple angular or geometric shapes. The trend is towards chrome and brass. Walls are often painted in white, cream or taupe. Shower doors can be made of clear or frosted glass. A new trend in bathroom lighting is the bathroom mirrors with LED lighting.

The spa baths feature luxury accessories such as waterfall showerheads or even a glass wood-burning stove. Some luxury designs even include a mini-fridge, massage tables, changing rooms and flat-screen TVs on the ceiling. If you’re interested in the green Zen design, add accents like organic cotton towels, a bamboo doormat, wickerwork with different textures, and lots of greenery.

Modern bathroom in brown tiles

Bathroom pictures brown marble tile mirror indirect lighting

Inevitably, there is no standard meaning for a modern bathroom. Because everyone has their ideas and expectations for a beautiful dream bathroom. In our gallery picture, you wish to find many bathroom pictures with various methods, but all of them are modern, helpful and welcoming. There is certainly something for all tastes. Get a peek at our bathroom pictures and let inspired by the furnishing ideas that reflect your ideas.

Accents with mosaic in the bathroom

The bathroom is no only a place where we take care of us, but also feel relaxed, ignore the stress of the past day and switch off correctly. Just a modern bathroom design helps to turn the bathroom into a stunningly beautiful retreat. Where you can relax and treat yourself to the well-earned rest. If you want to create a smooth and well-balanced environment, you will, if possible, opt for simple and elegant clean objects that, with their simple words, make the room seem peaceful.

Bathroom pictures elegant accents mosaic beige sink

Free spaces also convey humanity. A freestanding bathtub is often equated with luxury and immediately turns the bathroom into a real oasis of well-being. If you can not take these features into account when designing a bathroom, or if space is simply limited, you can also achieve the desired ambiance with a clear color concept. If you use the colors correctly and combine them, you increase your well-being.

Bathroom in white and stone tiles

Of course, the color choice in the first place is a matter of taste, but some colors look very calm and harmonious. For example, you can choose soft colors such as cream or sand as the basic tone and emphasize the modern interior with a high contrasting color. For the Farbkick can provide individual bathroom furniture, as well as small accessories or textiles. Tealights, incense sticks or even the fluffy towels can create a pleasant ambiance.

bathroom pictures stone tile wood high gloss brown cabinet

You may arrange a corner in the bathroom, which you cover with white pebbles and decorate with a tropical palm tree. Maybe you still have what travelers bring in the bottom drawer, which brings the holiday feeling in your bathroom and bring great memories. In large bathrooms, you can place a small armchair, which provides a touch of comfort and comfort.

Modern ceiling lighting in the bathroom

The bathroom pictures in the picture section clearly show that the right lighting plays a proper role in the design of the modern premises. If you are looking for a harmonious atmosphere, it is best to choose a warm and yellowish light. Too bright light can be distracting in the bathroom.

Bathroom pictures modern glass shower wood furniture set

If necessary, a light on the mirror can provide an additional light source. Gladly you can integrate into the bathroom LED lights that make your bathroom shine as you like in different colors. As you know, the colors solve certain emotions and significantly influence the room ambiance. A combination of dimmable and color-changeable lights on walls and ceilings is the optimal solution.

Bathroom with light blue wall paint

If you have already determined the style of furnishing your bathroom. You can think about the decorative elements that make up, among other things, a homely and modern bathroom design. As mentioned above, in addition to the functional accessories decorative items such as fragrant room fragrances and candles to a modern bathroom. Pictures on the wall in the bathroom give the room a special touch and beautify the bare walls.

Bathroom Pictures gray aqua tiles double vanity round countertop shower

Do not forget to match the decoration in the bathroom to the style of your piece of furniture so that everything looks uniform and harmonious. For example, you have set up your bathroom in modern chic, candle holders made of stone or stainless steel would be a suitable decoration.

Bathroom pictures gray wall paint bright red bathroom furniture high gloss decorative

You can also decorate the bathroom with plants, creating a particularly warm feeling. In this modern bathroom with shiny bathroom furniture in orange, the plants create a refreshing and great contrast. There is room for plants around the sink or in free corners. Choose plants that like the humidity and can do without daylight, so they will last longer your eye.

Red glossy bathroom furniture
Bathroom anthracite color wall tiles wooden ceiling walk-in shower

Exposed concrete, wood and slate gray wall tiles

Bathroom example glass wall bedroom wood paneling

Bathtub lined with wood

Bathroom lighting blue led strips ambient


Magical blue led lighting in the bathroom

Bathroom pictures countertop concrete look wood cabinet shelves

Wooden shelves in the wall niches

Bathroom pictures bathtub design hand shower gold leaf wall tiles

Golden glow in the bathroom

Bathroom pictures bathtub shower glass partition double vanity

Tub-shower combination

Bathroom pictures bathtub shelves hand shower

Bathtub with integrated shelves

Bathroom pictures beige brown wood cabinet rectangular countertop sink

Wooden furniture in the bathroom

Bathroom pictures beige tiles mirror wall

Mirror wall for the optical illusion

Bathroom pictures glass shower beige wall color wall lights

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